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Welcome to Kaylune!

Welcome to Kaylune! Kaylune is where creativity, adventure, and community unite as our players explore the bustling world of Kayrth. Kaylune is all about options and opportunities, allowing your experience to be unique to you!

Explore different cities and choose your hometown, from the magical forests of Paragon City to the chilling majesty of City of Gales. Visit and interact with NPCs--will you be their friend or enemy? Make your own fortune through commerce, questing, or thievery, or look to the library to expand your knowledge. No matter what calling you answer, be sure to share your findings with new friends in the forums and participate with the rest of Kayrth in exciting annual events like the Stargazing Festival! So come and join us: the world of Kaylune is ready for you to make your mark!

New Items

Frankensalem's Head ScrewsNyoscurStar Wand

New Avatars

The Stars Need You!

"I am sorry to take you all away from the Festival, but I greatly need your assistance. Last week, after speaking with the stars as I normally do, I began to piece together their messages using my charts and astrology books.

"After awhile, I began to notice that these were not the normal fortunes and portents my celestial friends see fi...
Random pet
Bob the Purple Pyrone
Owned by DrDolphin