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Kaylune is a story-driven Virtual Pet Site open to all different kinds of players, no matter what age you are. On Kaylune, players are set upon the wonderful and exciting world of Kayrth, which has many activities for all users to enjoy. As you traverse this exploratory world, you can choose from 16 known species of pets, and even get to change how they look! The world of Kayrth is one worth exploring, and along the way there are captivating storylines, mysterious mini realms unlocked, games played and other endeavors that everyone can be a part of. We also offer options to interact with the NPCs around Kayrth, including conversations and a thievery system. So, come and join us at Kaylune and help us travel across Kayrth- together!

Random pet
Jaehyo the Angelic Felyve
Owned by Asherly
8:03 AM
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