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Terms of Service

1. Terms

By accessing Kaylune.com, you agree to be bound by the following terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to: users, customers, and all other parties who visit Kaylune. You are responsible for following and understanding the stipulated terms below. Failure to do so can result in the banning and deletion of your account or criminal and civil penalties. If you do not intend on following Kaylune.com's Terms of Service, do not access this website or any of its provided services.

2. Site Rules

As a member of Kaylune.com, you must understand and abide by the following rules (as well as the ToS). These have been created to promote user safety and a friendly community. The rules can be changed and updated at any time, and users are responsible for checking and maintaining an understanding of the rules. The rules can be accessed on this page.

3. Contact

You can contact Kaylune using the following emails. Spamming or abusing the following emails will have consequences.

For support matters: support@kaylune.com
For business enquiries and legal issues: tyler@kaylune.com

4. Proprietary Rights

Kaylune.com is owned and operated by Tyler Knox. All elements of Kaylune, such as art, scripts, user interfaces, graphics, etc. are provided by Kaylune. Kaylune's intellectual property and works are protected by copyright, patent, trademarks, trade dress, international conventions, and all other intellectual property and proprietary laws. You do not obtain the ownership rights to any content or materials by accessing Kaylune.com. The copying, redistribution, and publication of Kaylune materials without permission is prohibited unless you abide by the following guidelines below. Lastly, by submitting art, writing, etc. to Kaylune, you understand that we have the right to use it, modify it, republish it, or use it in any way we deem fit.

Guidelines: Users may display their personal renditions of Kaylune materials as long as a clear ┬ęKaylune is present.

5. Account Policy

Kaylune administration does not permit the creation of multiple accounts. We reserve the right to delete multiple accounts, and if this rule is continually disregarded, the banning of your primary account. Multiple accounts will be banned without any compensation or refunding.

6. Children and Online Safety

Kaylune.com welcomes users of all ages. However, we are geared towards users 13+, and we cannot guarantee that all materials on our site are safe for the viewing of younger users. We strive to provide a safe environment for our players. Kaylune suggests that our users do not share their personal information with others, such as full name, address, age, etc. If you feel unsafe or threatened by the actions of another user, please contact Kaylune's administration at support@Kaylune.com.

7. User Conduct

We at Kaylune wish to provide each and every member of our site an entertaining and favorable experience. Here, we hope you can enjoy the company of other players, and we ask that each user be kind and considerate of others while playing. We also ask that each member follow the rules, and failure to do so will result in penalties to the user's account.

8. Cross-Site Trading

Cross-site trading is permitted on Kaylune.com. Cross-site trading is defined as the exchange of Kaylune items and currency for digital property on other online games. Kaylune users may only partake in trading with other games which also permit cross-site trading. However, Kaylune items, pets, accounts, etc. may never be exchanged for United States Dollars, Euros, and other real currencies.

9. Microtransactions/Cash Shop

Kaylune maintains a Cash Shop. The Cash Shop is a feature in which users purchase a special currency, Cloves, with USD in order to purchase unique items. By making a purchase of Cloves, you understand that your purchase is non-refundable and that you do not own these "Cloves". Kaylune cannot be held accountable for the loss of Cloves due to theft or system error.

In addition, Kaylune has a Fundraising Feature. This feature allows for users to contribute to Kaylune in USD. These funds will be used to fund the feature mentioned at the time of purchase, and users are able to select from a list of 'rewards' as thanks for their support. In a situation where a feature is not fully funded, the funds will not be returned to contributors and will be transferred to the next feature chosen for funding. Funds spent are non-refundable and non-transferable. If funds exist in your 'fundraiser wallet', these cannot be sold or exchanged for real currency.

Kaylune reserves the right to not refund Cloves or Fundraising Contributions for any reason, including, but not limited to the deletion or banning of your account.

10. Disclaimers

You are a guest on Kaylune.com. Your items, pets, anthro avatars, kwin, cloves, and other materials are the property of Kaylune. Kaylune reserves the right to remove or delete a user's account, pets, items, kwin, cloves, anthro avatar, etc. at will. Kaylune.com is not responsible for the content of off-site links. Users must understand that clicking an off-site link is done at your own risk.

11. Changes to ToS

Kaylune.com reserves the right to change its Terms of Service at will. Kaylune Administration will notify users upon significant changes to the ToS through the updating system.

12. Indemnification

By accessing Kaylune.com, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Kaylune, its contractors, affiliates, administration, and staff harmless from any claims, liabilities, damages, or losses arising from violation of the Terms of Service or use of this online game.

13. Originality

Kaylune is an original game, and any likeness and similarities to other games or works is purely coincidental. Kaylune's art, writing, and coding are products of its staff team, and are unique to the site.

14. Closing

Kaylune.com does not guarantee consistent updates, additions, or changes to the game. The administration reserves the right to close Kaylune at any time. In the event of closure, users will receive no refunds.

Last Updated: August 14 2016