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About Us

Kaylune is a story-driven virtual pet site with an emphasis on world exploration. We strive to provide an enjoyable and safe gaming experience to our users with consistent and regular additions to the site.

Kaylune offers an array of features to keep you entertained for hours on end! Some of our key and defining features are:

NPC Interaction: Sometimes, what you're really interested in are the NPCs of the site. Where do they come from? Where do they go? Who do they like, dislike, and how likely are they to gossip with you on any given day? To that end, at Kaylune, we've tried our best to flesh out each major character you're likely to encounter have created a way to befriend or antagonize them. Greets and compliments will earn you affection, while insults will drive away the object of your disdain. Because not all NPCs have the time or motivation to talk to any old body that wanders into their general vicinity, access to their NPCs actually depends on if you've made friends with or made enemies of the other people of Kayrth. Your relationship with each NPC may actually affect the dialogue they say to you at certain points in the future...

Thievery System: Got sticky fingers? See an item in a shop that you can't quite afford, but really, really, really, uh... need? Then Kaylune -- and its Thievery System -- is just the thing for you. Enterprising users may attempt to rob virtually any NPC shop on Kayrth and, provided that luck is on their side, come away victorious. Everyone else will be so jealous of your -- ...bouncy ball? Well... everyone has to start somewhere. Be warned, though! Getting caught will mean paying a fine and suffering a penalty to the shop owner's affection. Friends don't let friends steal from their shop. That's rude.

World Exploration: An alternative to having all the countries and areas unlocked from the get-go, World Exploration allows a user to feel some sense of accomplishment when they finally get to visit new areas; after choosing their homeland, unless they want to be lonely homebodies, each individual must immediately embark on a quest to gain access to other expanses (mainly utilizing the Inquire feature of specific NPCs). Some quests will be easier, others hard -- work together with other users to find out the next step!

Anthro Avatars: While not currently available, AAs -- or Anthro Avatars -- are an upcoming feature! With this, you will be able to dress up an an avatar of your choosing, modeled after one of Kaylune's very own pet species. More information will be released as time goes on.

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