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Summer Summer Summertime

Summertime has officially arrived in Karyth, and with it, the return of the Whimsical Orb!

Now through the end of August, Whimsical Orb rock fragments will be available via Random Events throughout the site. Collect all four pieces and bring them to Bowen in Paragon to tinker the cutest orb on Kayrth. Whimsical Orbs will also be available in the Cash Shop.

While you're out hunting for orb pieces, don't forget to keep an eye out for other summer seasonal Random Events too!

In honor of the start of summer, we'll also be hosting a caption contest, featuring last year's campers and counselors (and Kadaver?). Head over to the forums to find out what prizes await and to give us your best captions! If you'd like a refresher on (or an introduction to) who's who from Summer Camp, be sure to visit these entries in Library.

Finally, don't forget to follow Kaylune on social media (Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook) to get the earliest hints at our upcoming plots and features!

Happy Summer, Kaylune!
Posted by legendberry at June 21, 2017, 4:19 pm 5 comments
HBD Cro!

Today is @Cro's birthday! Kaylune owes so much to Cro's hardwork, so be sure to drop by their profile and leave a note.

The M'Dew kael will be available via random event for the next week, and then won't be available again for another year.

Posted by Kayla at June 18, 2017, 3:43 pm 4 comments
June Has Arrived! - Retiring Monthlies

Hello everyone! We hope you've been having fun with the arcade's new additions-- hopefully I'm not interrupting.

Monthlies will be retiring. What does this mean? There will no longer be a three-item set released for each new month. Instead, we'd like to know what you want to see in the Cash Shop. More forumwear? Different kinds of items? Leave a comment in this news post with your ideas !

In addition, would you be interested in seeing the retired monthlies reintroduced in a grab bag or some other way? Or would you prefer letting them stay permanently retired? Let us know!

Stay beautiful ;3c
Posted by cro at June 1, 2017, 11:52 pm 9 comments
Game On

If you're feeling bored lately, then I may just have a solution for you! Kaylune's Team is happy to announce the release of 4 new html5 arcade games! These games can be found in the Arcade, which has received a beautiful graphical makeover, courtesy of @Boo!

In the arcade, you'll now be able to locate Splat!, Odd Orb Out, Oracle, and Starfly Shuffle. The new games are all a twist on classic games you may be familiar with. You'll be able to view leaderboards for these new games here once everyone begins playing.

We do not recommend attempting to use any sort of mobile or touch-screen device to play the new Arcade games. To ensure you don't get confused, please read each of the games' instructions! Send thanks to @Hedwig, @Arcanine, and @Legendberry for writing them.

Additionally, a big thanks goes out to @Cro and @Edo for the Felyve loading screen animation, and to @LegendBerry and @Batty for finding all the music and sounds to be placed in the games!

A big thanks, also, to the artists who worked on the game art: @Quei @Fran @Birden @Pinkhairgirl @Bat @The_Archaic! Last but not least, be sure to thank Kaylune's programmers, @Kyndle and @Kayemess, for taking the time to cure your boredom!

In addition, thank you to the full staff team for helping find and squash any bugs in this game! However, should you encounter any glitches, be sure to send in a glitch ticket to be reviewed.

Now, get gaming!
Posted by Kayla at May 26, 2017, 11:18 pm 8 comments
The Write Stuff

Have you visited the Library lately? In addition to housing our official biographies, lore, and visual stories, the Library also holds our Folklore section! The Folklore section is composed of Kayrth-related poetry and prose, all written by our wonderfully talented Kaylune users!

Submissions for the Library are constantly open and are reviewed on a regular, rolling basis. If you'd like the opportunity to be featured in the next Folklore collection, the Submission page is available here. Guidelines for submissions are available here. If your submission is chosen for the Library, you'll receive a special Poet or Writer avatar!

Additionally, the descriptions for all default pets have been updated! Now, when choosing a pet from our Adopt page, you'll learn fun new facts like how a Bearar flies or why an Aquis' coat is always damp. Thanks to @Blaise and @Arcanine for the new descriptions!

Also, are you following Kaylune on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook? There may be hints at our next major update on them....
Posted by legendberry at May 24, 2017, 8:12 pm 2 comments