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Second Chances & Ads

A new grabbag has been dropped off in the Cash Shop! Purchasable for 10 Cloves, you can now find items from the retired monthly sets in this new Second Chances Grabbag! Kaylune's Staff stopped doing the monthly sets in June 2017 - however, this doesn't mean we don't want you to be able to get the old ones!

Thanks to @Quei for the grabbag art and @LegendBerry for its description.

Additionally, in order for Kaylune to continue making server costs, you can now find ads in the footer. We ask that you consider disabling your adblock on Kaylune's domain so we can keep the site up!
Posted by Kayla at August 15, 2017, 7:59 pm 3 comments
Forum Update! New Guides

Are you having difficulties with the layout?
Are you new to Kaylune or returning from a hiatus?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, we have got some guides for you!

The Layout Guide and Hiatus Recovery Center are now available in Kaylune General Talk in the Forums.
The revised Newbie Guide is available in First Impressions in the Forums.

If you have any questions, feedback, or information we may have missed, please post that on the appropriate guide!
Posted by Batty at August 10, 2017, 11:45 am 5 comments
Something Mysterious For Sure

The well is open again! It seems that someone fell in. They told stories of a strange world so different from the modern world that it sounds a little like nonsense. Maybe you shouldn't go jumping into strange wells.

At least -- not without a trusty book! If you have it, definitely go to the well.

Please note that this is a permanent plot on Kaylune, not an event.

A big thanks to @LegendBerry for planning this whole thing. A big thanks also to @Quei, @Kayemess, @Kyndle, @Boo, @Swarley, @Arcanine, @Hedwig, @Blaise, @Hey, @birden, @bat, @Fran, @The_Archaic, @Cel, @Radio_Acid, @Nerak55, @gogoshark and @Batty for your work!
Posted by Kayla at July 17, 2017, 9:38 pm 3 comments
How Bizarre

Has anyone noticed anything unusual going on?

I ask because, first, I discover these bizarre damp books on my doorstep and then...please, hear me out. Does the Soothsayer look different to you? He stopped by yesterday to ask for a book about the history of Paragon, and I swear, his appearance had changed. Not just his outfit, but his demeanor and general look.

I asked around, but everyone said he's always looked like he does now but I'm....not sure. I am sure I remember him differently. Things have been odd in Paragon. First the Well, then the flickering crystals, now the books and then this....

Well, never-mind me. I had only seen him once before. I must have been mistaken. If you would like one of these books, feel free to stop by and quest. I feel like they're watching me, frankly.

Posted by legendberry at July 17, 2017, 12:19 am 2 comments
Well, Well, Well

It's a lovely afternoon to visit the Mystic Well isn't it? Just the kind of day to take a risk and gaze into its oddly shimmering depths; who knows what beautiful object or unspeakable horror you'll draw up? But wait! You approach the Well only to see Kumori tacking a large notice to the edge....

NOTICE: Due to dangerous fluctuations in magical output, the Mystic Well is currently closed to visitors.

You step closer, and Kumori whips around at the sound. They hurriedly begin to usher you away, explaining:

No one is allowed near the Mystic Well. Until we have finished investigating the cause of these magic surges, the Well is inaccessible and visitors are not allowed. Do I make myself clear? I do not want to wake tomorrow and find my instructions completely disregarded, as they were last autumn. We shall check back in with you next week, but until then, the Mystic Well will be off limits. Be on guard for other unusual fluctuations; this is all quite strange....

You take heed and decide to visit Zella instead. As you head down the path, you think the air feels heavier than usual....stickier, as if a huge thunderstorm is brewing. For a split second, one of the floating crystals flickers. But that's...that's impossible of course. The light must have glinted off the surface oddly. Assured by your reasoning, you let the image drift from your mind as you reach Zella's and begin to tell her about the Well.
Posted by legendberry at July 8, 2017, 12:41 pm 9 comments