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the end
Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that production of Kaylune has slowed down significantly recently. There's a couple of reasons that things have gone this way, but I'm sorry to announce that Kaylune will be closing at the end of October.

The two biggest reasons why Kaylune will close are:
1) A lack of funds. Because we were dedicated to an ad-free experience for most of our run, and because of heavy server use and unexpected switches when providers became unreliable. Any CS and Fundraiser income went back into server costs first, and features next; but eventually we got to the point where we were using our own personal funds to keep Kaylune going. As new graduates, this is no longer a feasible option for us.
2) Less time. Kaylune has been a big effort on all our parts since 2015 - three years is a long time! Much of our staff team has graduated or started pursuing high intensity careers. It has become a struggle to keep in contact and set appropriate deadlines. We know Kaylune deserves high quality work - and unfortunately we cannot dedicate as much time to the site as it needs.

If you have any major concerns or questions, please direct them to the owner's email, tylerspin101@gmail.com -- should you have any minor questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly on Kaylune, which I'll be checking periodically over the next two weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support of the site!
Posted by Kayla at October 21, 2018, 1:46 pm 8 comments
Library Updates!

Have you been enjoying the new dialogue for the NPCs and getting to know them through the new inquire feature?

We have too! In fact, we were so excited, we added a bunch of new writing to the site. You should head over to the Library to check out all the new and updated NPC Biographies! We now have bios for Missy, Keres, Lorien, and many more NPCs! We also updated the previously available bios for Lanni, Zella, and Qrawley.

Have you visited the World Park lately? The Cryptic Hobo has been unlocked and is now available for interactions! I’m sure he has a lot of wisdom to share….Probably.

Madame Selma has also received an update to her NPCi!

Last but not least we’ve also released a new collection in the Library featuring some of the winners of our Re-Launch Writing Contest! Did you miss your chance to submit to the contest? Do you have some Kaylune inspired poetry or short stories? You should submit something to the Library for our next collection!

Thank you to @HonestlyVan @Myeengun @Lesath @momor9 @legendberry @ZellaC for the new and updated bios and @Blaise for the NPCi updates!
Posted by Blaise at August 28, 2018, 11:00 pm 2 comments
Inventory Upgrades + Bug Fixes Galore!

Hating that you can only have 100 items at one time in your inventory? Good news -- we’ve made it possible to upgrade your inventory!

It is now possible, with upgrades, to have up to 300 items at one time in your inventory. It will cost 1000 Kwin per item slot, for a max total of 200,000 Kwin if you want to upgrade all at once. We may consider adding more slots in the future.

You can upgrade at your inventory!

Feeling proud? Us too!

A pride badge has been added to the site, courtesy of @boo and their graphic art skills. But where to find it? It may be closer than you think.

The bank keeper Reinard has gotten a fresh new look! You may need to hard refresh your browser to see it. A big thanks to @quei for Reinard’s much needed glow up!

We’ve also been hard at work fixing pesky bugs around the site. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s been fixed so far:

Mysterious Kwin Losing Bug - Anyone who was caught up in this bug has been reimbursed with the correct amount of kwin! Let us know if you think you didn’t get enough. If you feel that you received too much, don’t worry about it Think of it as an apology gift.

Quests - Quests should be fully functional and free of bugs! Please let us know if you are still finding errors.

HTML5 Games - They are fixed and waiting for you to play them! Check them out in the Arcade!!

Tutorial - This can now be completed from start to finish! If you had to miss out on the tutorial due to quests but want to try it again, please comment ‘Come back, Paprika!’. We will manually re-add you back into the tutorial.

Random Events - They have been re-added to the site! Let us know if you experience any glitches with claiming rewards, etc.

Trades - If you found it impossible to accept a trade offer from someone, you’ll now find that this is in working condition!

A few small glitches have also been fixed, such as not being able to click on a user’s name in the messaging system. If you find a glitch that we haven’t fixed, please be sure to let us know! It’s possible we forgot about it, or didn’t know about it! The best way to do so is via submitting a ticket.

We’ve also been working hard to get the server working for everyone! Let us know if you experience any slowness on the server over the next couple of days. We’ll be doing our best to speed it up even faster!
Posted by cro at August 13, 2018, 10:46 pm 5 comments
Scheduled Downtime

To try and fix the server slowness that we've been experiencing, we'll be putting the site into a Downtime today from 3PM EST to approximately 5PM EST.

Note that EST is the same time you see in the upper right corner of the site!

A big thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience with this issue! We hope to have our server working perfectly soon.

UPDATE: Kaylune is back!
Posted by Kayla at August 11, 2018, 12:56 pm 2 comments
We’re Hoppy To See You Back!
It’s been so great to see everyone back on Kaylune! Big shout out to all of you who have been helping squash bugs over these past couple days, all your assistance has been fantastic!

On a less buggy note, there are some new pals hanging out around Kaylune… Some of you may recognize them, but they’ve undergone a major makeover!

“While this quick-footed species originally dwelled in mountain forests, the Leporin have adapted to live in most environments. A social creature, they form small communities composed of multiple families and friends. Dusk to dawn is when they are at their most energetic--watch out if you’re challenging a Leporin to a race once the moon is out!

Fixers, not fighters, the Leporin prefer to resolve conflict without aggression and they pride themselves on keeping a positive demeanor. Their long, flowing whiskers are in constant motion and act as a sensor to their wellbeing: dull or limp whiskers may indicate that a Leporin is sick, unhappy, or otherwise not at ease. Their outwardly happy resolve combined with the actual emotional cues of their whiskers means that communication between the Leporin can be deeply nuanced. One whisker swish or vocal change can contain a multitude of meanings and misunderstandings are common when other species are involved.”

These pets are available through the adoption center, ready for everyone to enjoy!

Along with all of the basic orb colors, the Leporin also has Luminous as its special brew coloration, which you can get using the Special Brew!

And that’s not all… The Demonic and Angelic Leporin are also currently available!

The orbs to change your Leporin into these colorations can be found at Dallan’s Appearance Shop over in Kaytropolis!

If you change your Leporin to these mysterious colors, you’ll also unlock some snazzy forum wear…

Big thanks to @Fran for the basic, Luminous, and Demonic Leporin designs, @Quei for the Angelic Leporin, @Boo for all of the Leporin avatars, and @Legendberry for the pet description!

We hope you enjoy these hoppy new additions to Kaylune!
Posted by Quei at August 6, 2018, 11:53 pm 16 comments