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Privacy Policy


Kaylune.com collects some personal data from its users. We value your privacy, and the following information is provided so you understand what data is collected and how it is being used.

Data Processing Ownership:

Tyler Knox:
Email: support@kaylune.com

The Personal Information We Collect:

-Date of Birth
-Cookies and Browsing and usage data

Use of the Personal Information:

We use your cookies,browsing, and usage data for Google Analytics, a service which provides Kaylune information about site traffic and other statistics. Your Date of Birth, Username, Password, Email, and Country are necessary for registration and authentication to Kaylune. Any personal information we collect may also be used to personalize your experience on Kaylune, whether that be for particular features, services, or the advertising you see while browsing Kaylune.com. We may also use your personal information to alert you to new content on Kaylune.com or ongoing promotions or special events that may occur.

Access to the Information:

The only parties which have access to your personal information are Kaylune’s administration. Kaylune Administration will only ever view user passwords in their heavily encrypted form. Kaylune will not release any personal information unless stipulated by the laws of the United States or other applicable national legislation in order to comply with valid legal processes or to protect the safety of our players and the public. Lastly, we may need to use your personal information to defend against user chargebacks or unauthorized payment by presenting this information to Paypal representatives, the police, etc. In the event that we provide data to third parties, Kaylune cannot guarantee that they will adhere to identical procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act:

Kaylune.com understands and abides by the regulations dictated by COPPA, and we welcome our users to learn more about the act.
Link: COPPA.org


We contract with third-party advertising companies to serve you ads while browsing Kaylune. These third parties may utilize non-personally identifiable information (including cookie data) about your visits to Kaylune and other websites in order to personalize ads about goods and services that may be of interest to you. While using Kaylune, ads will not include spyware, adware, or popup advertisements.

Lawfulness of Processing:

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (Article 6) and similar national legislation, organizations are required to demonstrate a lawful basis for data processing activities. Below are our primary lawful bases for the processing of data protected under relevant privacy law:

  1. We have a legitimate commercial interest in conducting analytics in order to measure audience and traffic data, detect fraudulent users or illicit activity on Kaylune, and implement security procedures.
  2. We obtain consent for data processing for communication features (the shoutbox, forums, and private messaging), including login and account information (usernames, passwords, etc.) and the contents of in-game communications.
  3. We have a legitimate commercial interest in storing and accessing users’ purchase history in order to assist users with issues associated with Kaylune’s Cash Shop.
  4. We have a legitimate commercial interest in enabling third party ads and associated data collection to provide our users with a personalized ad experience while browsing Kaylune.
  5. It is contractually necessary to process your username, email, password, cookie data, IP address, financial information, and in-game content to fulfill our obligations to our users outlined in the Terms of Service.

Data Security:

We are dedicated to protecting the personal information of our users from illicit access or alteration through appropriate security measures and procedures followed by Kaylune’s staff. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your information, as no software system or procedure is fault proof against malicious actors. If our security systems are breached, we may attempt to notify you electronically and, by using Kaylune and providing personal information to us, you consent to e-mail or private message communication from Kaylune’s Administration in the event of a breach. We may also post a notification on Kaylune itself to all of our users if a security breach occurs. To help protect the personal information associated with your account, we recommend using a unique and complex password and being responsible in the disclosure of your information to others while browsing Kaylune.

Data Control:

We seek to give all users the ability to access, update, and delete their data. Users protected under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or similar national legislation have the right to access their data, correct inaccuracies in their personal information, erase their data, or withdraw consent to collect and process their data. Please be aware that Kaylune’s Administration may be required to keep certain user information for legitimate legal or business purposes. In order to begin such a request, please contact Kaylune’s Administration (support@kaylune.com). In the process of completing such a request, we may ask you for information in order to verify your identity and country of residence to determine your legal rights.


By accessing Kaylune.com, you consent to our privacy policy. We reserve the ability to modify this policy at will. However, updates to this policy will be announced in Kaylune's updates.

Last Updated: August 4th, 2018