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Privacy Policy


Kaylune.com collects some personal data from its users. We value your privacy, and the following information is provided so you understand what data is collected and how it is being used.

Data Processing Ownership:

Tyler Knox:
Email: support@kaylune.com

The Personal Information We Collect:

-Date of Birth
-Cookies and Browsing and usage data

Use of the Personal Information:

We use your cookies,browsing, and usage data for Google Analytics, a service which provides Kaylune information about site traffic and other statistics. Your Date of Birth, Username, Password, Email, and Country are necessary for registration and authentication to Kaylune.

Access to the Information:

The only parties which have access to your personal information are Kaylune’s administration. Kaylune Administration will only ever view user passwords in their heavily encrypted form. Kaylune will not release any personal information unless stipulated by the laws of the United States or if we need to use your personal information to defend against user chargebacks or unauthorized payment by presenting this information to Paypal representatives, the police, etc.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act:

Kaylune.com understands and abides by the regulations dictated by COPPA, and we welcome our users to learn more about the act.

Link: COPPA.org


By accessing Kaylune.com, you consent to our privacy policy. We reserve the ability to modify this policy at will. However, updates to this policy will be announced in Kaylune's updates.

Last Updated: August 10th, 2015