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All rules must be followed, no exceptions. Persons caught breaking the rules will be punished with temporary or permanent bans or removed privileges depending on the number and severity of the offense. All Staff decisions are final, but any users who feel they may have been wrongly accused may contact us at support@kaylune.com.

There are two categories for warnings you may receive. Light warnings are gentle nudges to let you know that something you said or did was not have been appropriate for Kaylune. Official warnings imply that the offense was easily avoidable, the offensive or disruptive nature of the statement/act is perfectly clear, and you have been reprimanded for acting on it regardless.

Please remember: receiving 5 Light Warnings - whether it be with Shoutbox or site-wide offenses - will result in 1 Official Warning being added to your record. While Light Warnings are intended to be a soft warning, once they begin to accumulate, further action must be taken. Each 5 Light Warnings will equate to 1 Official Warning.

You may receive up to 3 official warnings before administration begins to consider harsher punishment.

3 - Consideration for harsher punishment (users will be informed that they have reached 3 official warnings and may face harsher punishment if they continue to break rules)
4 - 24 hour temporary ban
5 - Week long ban
6+ - Permanent ban

Rules are subject to change. If you have any questions about the site rules, please contact a moderator or submit a help ticket.
  1. Spamming (SPAM: stupid pointless annoying messages) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: chain posting, intentional double posting, one word posts (excluding forum games), keyboard smashing (such as 'ksdjfskv') unaccompanied by meaningful conversational content, and singular nonsensical injections (such as 'lalalala' or 'meow') unaccompanied by meaningful conversational content.

    Do not abuse the ticket system or report feature. This includes but is not limited to: sending multiple tickets reporting the same issue, spamming, and reporting neglected pets on user accounts.

    If you are copying and sharing text directly from Kaylune.com and a portion of it is in all caps, you will not be punished. Please use quotations to denote that it is not your own text, and be willing to provide information on what part of the site you copied the text from if asked by a moderator.

  2. We recommend that you do not share personal information in a public setting. Phone numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information will be deleted from forum posts or shoutbox entries. Sharing any personal information can be risky, so do so at your own discretion. Kaylune staff will never ask you for personal information or your account password. If someone is harassing you for information or asks for your password, please submit a help ticket.
  3. Treat all staff members with respect and courtesy. Users are not permitted to insult, micromanage, direct, harass, disregard, or argue with staff members carrying out their respective duties. Each team member goes through a great deal to make certain that Kaylune is a fun, safe, and appealing environment for everyone. If a staff member makes you uncomfortable or says something that feels out of line, remain calm and immediately provide screenshots and express your concern to the staff member's department head. If a department head is the staff member causing the discomfort, please direct the message to administration instead.
  4. Harassment, bigotry, and attacking other members are unacceptable behaviors. This includes a broad range of actions, behaviors, and words that may offend or harm others such as, but is not limited to: profanity, bullying, blacklisting, threats, slander, racism, sexual and/or unwanted advances, begging, impersonating a user or staff, disrespecting gender identity, ableism, and publicizing personal disputes or disagreements. Due to the subjective nature these situations can have, if something is currently being allowed that you feel should not be, we do invite you to contact a staff member. If you feel that a user is explicitly and purposefully harassing, bullying, or attacking you in any way, contact a staff member via a help ticket. If a staff member has harassed you, please contact an administrator.

    Users who are reported against may not retaliate against those who have reported them. This includes, but is not limited to, harassed users reporting their harassers and third party individuals reporting rule-breaking interactions between users with evidence of said interaction.

    All reporters are confidentially protected. False reports will be handled accordingly. False reports are regarded as abuse of the ticket system and of the reporter protection system. All reports must be sent in via the ticket system and have appropriate evidence, such as screenshots of the rule-breaking interaction.

    Any forum posts made containing negative personal feelings regarding another website will be observed on a case-by-case basis. If any participants are found targeting specific individuals, or sharing content that is not suitable or compliant with our rules, the thread will be subject to deletion, and all involved parties may face punishment.

  5. Please do not micromanage the forums in place of a moderator. We sincerely appreciate that users are eager to help, but please avoid being commanding with your peers. A soft reminder such as "Oh, I'm not sure if you knew, but (blank) is against the rules." is acceptable. Saying things like "No caps, (insert username)" or "Don't double post." would not be okay. Please contact a moderator if you believe that a user is breaking the rules and it has not yet been handled.
  6. We do not allow advertising other websites on Kaylune. This does not include having another site’s banner in your signature, talking about the site in passing, or mentioning Kaylune fan sites. Kaylune fan sites include, but are not limited to: blogs, pages created on other websites, and stand-alone websites that encourage and assist in Kaylune activities and participation. However, please do not create forum topics with the sole intention of advertising another website.
  7. Kaylune does not allow for the posting of unreleased information on our website. This includes, but is not limited to, NPCs, worlds, pets (including pet colors), items, and avatars. If administration confirms a user is leaking content, a warning will be issued, followed by a permanent ban if the actions continue. Be aware that not all users are comfortable or interested in obtaining or seeing unreleased content and would rather discover it themselves. We encourage you to submit a help ticket if you find unreleased content so we can be sure it does not happen again in the future.
  8. Scamming is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: lying to users about the worth of an item, refusing to send promised payment that was previously worked out, and keeping the funds or items from a raffle. For your own protection, all users should refer to other users when buying or selling from other players. If you are unsure if you are being scammed or think you have been scammed, please contact us via a help ticket. To ensure your safety, please be sure to screenshot any private transactions. Kaylune's staff can only take action as long as there is proof that wrongdoing has occurred.
  9. Cheating is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to: hacking, botting (including scripts), cookie grabbing, phishing, and exploiting bugs. Depending on the severity of the breach, these actions may result in a permanent ban following evaluation. If you suspect someone is cheating, please send a help ticket.
  10. You may not utilize, edit, trace, recolor, or sell others’ artwork or conceptual ideas without express and proven permission from the content creator. In order to use any portion of someone else’s work - bases, lines, concepts, and so on - you must secure permission from the original artist that you are allowed to use their work and/or ideas for profit. Whether you intend to receive Kwin compensation or USD/CAD/etc, you must provide proof that you have rights to do so, and be willing to cite proper credit to the original artist. This does not apply to content that you have created entirely by your own hand without tracing or copying lines, or cloning someone else’s ideas. Anyone disregarding this rule is subject to punishment for art theft.

    Even if you do not intend to use someone else’s work for compensation, if you borrow line art or bases or any other content for personal use, you must still cite credit and link to the original piece by the original artist.

  11. All imagery and official text are made and provided for Kaylune. Anyone attempting to steal, claim, or sell (including both real and fake currency) Kaylune official work as your own without administrative permission will be banned. This does not apply to original content user content unless it has been sold to Kaylune (provided directly to Kaylune for exclusive use).
  12. All users are allowed one account. Sufficient evidence through investigation suggesting a user owns more than one account will result in having all accounts in question examined, and possibly banned upon collection of confirmation. Multiple users sharing one account is allowed, however, all users on the account will be held responsible for any rule breaking. This also applies to banned accounts; if you create a new account, it will be banned as well.
  13. Kaylune is a PG-13 website, and anything posted or shared, textual or imagery, above this rating is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: profanity, nudity, self-harm, suicide, sexual harassment, drug use, abuse, and gore. Traumatic instances may also be triggering to some users, so be aware of the content you are posting or sharing. As far as explicit language is concerned, the following are the only permissible words at this time: hell, damn, ass, arse, boobs, and pissed. We do not allow acronyms implying explicit language, such as but not limited to: "wtf", and "omfg". Content is judged by staff discretion. If you feel this rule has been unfairly applied to you, please contact us via a help ticket.
  14. Kaylune and its contents are primarily in English. Please minimize the use of foreign languages. For the safety and well-being of Kaylune’s entire user base, the site staff must be able to read and comprehend posted or shared material.
  15. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), all persons must be at least 13 years of age or have your parent or guardian’s permission to play Kaylune. This includes residents of countries outside of the United States. If you are under the age of 13 and have your parent or guardian’s permission to play, please have a parent or guardian contact us at support@kaylune.com for further instructions.
  16. Real currency (ie. USD, CAD, etc.) transactions are permitted (such as in the case of original art sales) on Kaylune. This does not include transactions of text or images owned by Kaylune (refer to rule 7). However, Kaylune is not held responsible or accountable for any issues, problems, or disputes that may arise between any and all parties involved in the transaction or sale. If believe you have been scammed, you must contact Paypal or your bank.
  17. Staff members are not responsible for any mature content witnessed or heard once you have left the Kaylune.com domain. Any links shared by users will prompt approval for redirection; if the viewer chooses to proceed, they will no longer be on our site. We cannot guarantee that explicit or mature content will be prohibited after departure. However, if you would like to link to offsite locations that may contain mature content, please provide warning alongside the link. Users may not, at any time, refer others directly to blatant, inappropriate content including, but not limited to: pornographic or sexually-themed visual pieces (art, video), explicit writings, drugs and/or alcohol being promoted or condoned, and graphic violence. Disobeying this rule will warrant a warning from our moderation team, as well as removal of all offsite content that was shared.