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Welcome to Kaylune's Upcoming page! This page has all information regarding planned features, events, etc., but also information on annual events you'll be seeing again soon! Not everything on this page will be new. Please know that everything on this page is entirely dependent on Kaylune's budget. Official Pet Releases are not listed here, though they may be hinted at.

This page was last updated August 4, 2018.


Get ready to interact with the world of Kayrth in a brand new way! Anthro Avatars are a new feature currently in development for Kaylune. Anthro Avatars, or AAs for short, will give users the ability to create a personal avatar using anthropomorphozied versions of Kaylune pet species as a base. Use AAs to craft a unique visualization of your pets, or show off your style with your own Kaysona!

Users will begin by choosing a base from a collection representing all of Kaylune's current pets. Whichever one you want, it will be there! Once the feature is implemented, everyone will start off with one avatar base slot, with the opportunity to add on more in the future. The release of AAs will also bring with it the release of a new item type: wearable clothing! Support your city by decking out in Paragon gear, wear your love of the Stargazing Festival literally on your sleeve, or just close your eyes and point randomly at items in your clothes inventory; however you want to dress on Kaylune, you can.

Disclaimer: All featured Art and User Interfaces may not be final. Click images below for a full size preview!

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Upcoming Events and Mini-Events

The Stargazing Festival

Dates: To be announced!

How the stars have missed you! The Stargazing Festival takes place at the peak of the meteor season, so bring your telescopes. If you've seen any starflies lately, we recommend treating them well...

Late nights, joyous nights, all nights lead to new discoveries, and the Stargazing Festival will be full of just that. We are on the cusp of a Kayrthwide revolution!

The Stargazing Festival

Upcoming Features

Battle System

The Battle System

If you would like to put your mettle to the ultimate test, the Battle System may catch your interest!

Go head-to-head with beasts in the wilderness, take up arms in a specialized campaign, or stand your ground against increasingly difficult waves of monsters. Some familiar faces around Kayrth will lend a hand with progression for a price. Remember who your friends are!


There are stories of lost relics in Kayrth, ones that will trigger unique reactions in pets exposed to them. Legends say they can be used to awaken the inner potential of pets and make it visible for all to see. At the centre of each legend, there is generally at least a grain of truth, and the seers of Paragon have been talking...

Awakenings will be a brand new feature that allows users to request and purchase overlays for their pets. This will be your method of obtaining a one of a kind pet! These pets will be created by on-staff artists only.

Upcoming Worlds

Syino Second Area

Syino Expansion

Those not hailing from Syino may be unaware of an economic divide in the city.

The residents of the city are generally known for their pampered lifestyles, but there is another district that receives very little publicity. This new area in Syino - home to a thrifty little shop - is modest and more accessible to all walks of life. Some may turn their noses, but these fine folks certainly deserve a chance!


This victorian-themed city is a retreat for the rich from anywhere around, but especially for the wealthy who live in Syino; those who can afford to take a vacation. Regania features a global market place, a special store which stocks items from any world, even if users have not unlocked the world yet.

Regania will be available to all users and does not need to be unlocked. It is located near Syino. On the cliffsides rest castles which are invisible to all but certain users in the future.


Oh, to see gleaming Culori! With dwellings carved from the rock and the occasional sound of muted wind chimes in the distance, many dream to walk these streets. The perpetually warm climate fuels several of those fantasies, although others desire the academic pursuit of the knowledge that decorates the halls of the solar temple. Still more find the nomads camped above the cliffs a larger lure -- whatever the reason, few who visit this place come away sour.